(parole e musica di Massimo Bubola)

I dream slowly, I eat slowly, I watch slowly because
this big wide open sky turns much slower than I.

I drink slowly, I laugh slowly, I sing slowly for you
like a river slowly flowing all the memories that I keep.

I move slowly, I waltz slowly when I hold you in my arms
this old world slowly turning so much slower than I.

I climb slowly, I talk slowly, soul and body against the wind
while this fire slowly burning through this long winter in the blues.
I write slowly all this morning 'cause I think how slow it is
every real pure emotion every bond and every tear.

I walk slowly, listen slowly to the silence inside of me
like a perfume slowly rising as your absence in my heart.


What a tempest, what a torment! All this time so far from you
a thousand times and then some more I'll be back in your eyes.

Everything runs so fast and the reasons are not good enough
but my heart slows down so slowly, slows down so slowly for you like a caress
but my heart it beats so slowly, for you so slowly into my breast.